Another important source of information on socialism and unionism is The People, the official organ of the Socialist Labor Party. Established in 1891 it has steadfastly advocated the real union mission of the working class from the beginning up to now without waver.

Baring a genuine working class revolution before then, we expect it to stay on course to the finish of the 20th Century and into the 3rd millennium.

That revolution will be the establishment of a real union society which the Socialist Labor Party refers to as the Socialist Industrial Union.

Mailing address: The People, PO 218, Mountain View, CA 94042-0218. Web site: www.slp.org

Socialism Means Unionism,the foundation of Real Union Of Social Science (RUSS). Below are some of its positions:

Strife And Want In The Midst Of Plenty

By plenty the Real Union Of Social Science does not mean the mansions, private islands, yachts and all the other personal extravaganza possessed by the wealthy. Instead it refers to an existing potential of plenty for all who are able to work and for those who are unable to.

In the face of the so-called economic boom, want in the midst of plenty is widespread. Millions are without health insurance and millions, who are the working poor, struggle to receive the bare necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. Single parent families are increasing steadily with corresponding hardship on children. Prisons are overflowing, the ecology is being despoiled, natural resources are being wastefully depleted and education, the foremost element needed to solve these problems, is deplorably inept.

Judging by the outpouring of praise for the longest economic boom in American history, workers should have nothing to be concerned about. Not so. Many of the working class, fancifully called the middle class, are lulled into complacency, giving them a false sense of security. American history is rife with similar situations. In every case the complacent were eventually devastated by an economic crash and war. It is true that most survived but they paid a tragic price. The prevailing symptoms of society's decadence, just described, are a warning of an impending deeper crises for all workers, be they the working poor or the working elite.


Raw materials are everywhere. Anytime labor is applied to them, useful products are created to provide the needs for livelihood. But presently these needs do not drive production. When the markets are glutted and the surplus commodities cannot be sold, the owners of the industries are compelled to shut down production, not because everyone's needs are satisfied, but because of declining profits. Of all the species on earth, only humans, with advanced productive technology, can produce many times more than what is required for their subsistence. Since it is the labor of workers that convert raw materials into something useful, then it stands to reason that it is the workers who should decide on when, how and why to conduct production, the "why" being production for use instead of profit.


Yes, here in America. Briefly, it began with the Knights of Labor (KofL), Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and the Socialist Trade and Labor Alliance (ST&LA). Daniel De Leon, a member of the Socialist Labor Party, was instrumental in forming the ST&LA and made important contributions to structuring the IWW on correct principles. Later, anarchists captured control of the IWW and threw out key principles. All of these attempts to build real unions were shoved aside making workers susceptible to the AFL and CIO pro-capitalist unions. They were, and still are, bossed by labor merchandising bureaucrats. After their peak in the thirties, these unions have been steadily declining and have sustained several major setbacks such as these strikes that were broken: P-9 (that struggling union was decertified by its own national organization), PATCO (a classic case of organized scabbing by other autonomous unions), Greyhound bus drivers and Caterpillar workers. So much for the refrain "capital and labor are brothers" and so much for "union solidarity forever," ballyhooed for years on end by the union top brass. Their forte is disorganizing the organized working brothers and sisters to adapt to the capitalist family.

Since the general concept of unionism is mired in falsehoods, it cannot be expected of workers to build real unions until they purge their minds of misconceptions about unionism. In order to remedy this situation, an educational process must be set in motion to replace falsehoods with the truth. Facing such a daunting task, the Real Union Of Social Science needs members. If you are in agreement with this presentation you may be eligible to join.

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Socialism and Unionism