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This was the original name of the Website published by Real Union Of Social Science (RUSS) which was pirited by a concern that leaned towards fascistic private gain instead of endowment for society. RUSS has continued to publish the original site under the new URL, socialismmarxdeleonforarealunion.org
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Below are three articles elaberating on why socialism is American

Socialism is American


To some, the first thought that will come to mind when seeing the proclamation that "Socialism is American," is that it seems to infer that only America can have socialism. Actually that proclamation pertains to the material and social conditions in America that has long been conducive to, being the first of all nations to reach that stage of development, establishing socialism. It is putting the cart before the horse to speak to the American working class about international socialism when they don't have a clue to understanding the strategic situation for establishing socialism within their own national border. As soon as they perceive that, then, simultaneously, they will become qualified to reach out to the international working class in calling for, and aiding in, the establishment of world socialism. Until then, the American working class is hopelessly incapable of doing so, and remain relegated to following the commands of their capitalist nationalistic masters, in waging wars against their fellow working men and women who, likewise, are oppressed by their respective capitalist nationalistic ruling classes. This was the failure of the "International" when the socialist delegates could not wean themselves from nationalistic sentiment and withdrew to their separate national borders and beckoned to the capitalist nationalistic call for a World War.

When the American working class no longer falls for the nationalistic bait for waging war, then it will become clearly apparent that it is moving in the correct direction towards preparing for international socialism. The bitter failure of many American workers happened when they rejected their own strategic position for establishing socialism and embraced the non-strategic fantasy of socialism in the Russian Revolution. Of course that revolution was successful in sounding the death nil of feudalism, but, lacking the material basis for socialism, these American workers could only succumb to the socialist fantasy that degraded into nationalism in the style of bureaucratic despotism; Stalinism. And now that socialist fantasy has further degraded into the Chinese brand of state ownership where one of the ruling class's main functions is that of labor brokers offering its working class to American capitalism at the rate of extreme (the horrendous working conditions in the mines is a case in point), inhuman, wage exploitation.

Socialism Is American: James Madison and Karl Marx A Contrast And A Similarity

A copy of a pamphlet titled: "James Madison and Karl Marx A Contrast And A Similarity," printed by the Socialist Labor Party of America. James Madison and Karl Marx project the future of the United States; two articles by Daniel De Leon. Go to: Socialism Is American James Madison And Karl Marx A Contrast And A Similarity

Socialism Is American: The Americanism of Socialism

A copy of a pamphlet titled: "The Americanism of Socialism," printed by the Socialist Labor Part of America. Socialism is international. Yet, it is not un-American. Indeed, as this work by Eric Hass shows, the principles and aim of the genuine Socialist movement are in complete harmony with the forward-looking traditions established by the rebels of 1776. Go to:Socialism is American The Americanism of Socialism

Socialism Is American: Constitution of the United States Founding of the Bourgeois Republic

These essays present a brief sketch of the origin of the Consitution of the United States, the circumstances attending its formation, and the changes which have taken place in the United States since the Consitutional Convention of 1789, rendering inadequate and unsuitable what was once a logical compact for this republic. Includes two essays by Daniel De Leon. Go to: Socialism Is American Consitution of the United States Founding of the Bourgeois Republic

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