1. It recognizes that before any action is set in motion to promote a solution to social problems, the facts must first be ascertained and totally embodied in an educational and organizational program. The deplorable state that the labor movement is in indicates that this has not been done. While the saying goes, "the facts speak for themselves", it can be said that disinformation speaks for itself via the disarray of the labor movement.

2. The term "real union" is used to differentiate Real Union Of Social Science from other unions. They are controlled from the top down by a bureaucratic leadership that actually weakens the working class by splintering them into crafts and locals independent of each other. The leadership is so inept that better than 85 per cent of the working class are not organized into unions and millions of workers make up the working poor, the fastest growing economic group in the US according to a news report on February 2, 2000. In contrast to this, real unionism is direct representation from the bottom up with the entire working class organized into an all embracing union. The purpose of Real Union Of Social Science is to set the stage towards that end by its own union organizational example and to educate workers on the meaning and benefits of real unionism.

3. It believes that, armed with the facts pertaining to their interests, workers have the capability to solve their problems together. The first step is eliminating interference from opportunists who desire to control unions for their own selfish interests by setting up hierarchies in the unions.

4. Its efforts to help the working class to build real unions are based on labor struggles which have evolved through basically three stages:

1) In the beginning by socialists primarily using the political process.

2) Socialists, after seeing the weakness of using political action only, began to form labor unions.

3) Today, labor unions are controlled by bureaucratic leaders who subvert the labor movement.

4) The fourth stage, yet to appear, calls for the working class to understand the mistakes of the past and continue forward to build a real union.

It is a union of workers schooled in the cause of the working class. The truth about the class struggle in the labor movement is its guiding authority. Its productive output is educating workers about what real unionism is and why it is necessary.

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Real Union Of Social Science, What Is It?