Statement of Principles

The purpose of the Real Union Of Social Science (RUSS) is to inform workers about the facts pertaining to the labor movement in every manner possible. First, such facts must be painstakingly extracted from the popularized clutter of disinformation that obscures it which RUSS has done extensively. Under the constant onslaught of disinformation that society is battered with, this is a never ending task.

As a union of producers, RUSS's output is the truth about the labor movement from the standpoint of working class interest. Without this truth RUSS would cease to exist by virtue of the absence of its product. In the name of credibility and accountability, the truth cannot be compromised; it is unconditional and nonnegotiable.

The structure of RUSS is based on a workers' organization with direction from the bottom up instead of the top down.

The principles of RUSS' union organization serves as a model for real unions in all other industries and services (real unions meaning those that are under the direction of class conscious workers).

In order to build real unions, workers need a functional understanding of these concepts: l) the law of value, 2) the law of surplus value, 3) capital, wage labor and profit and 4) the falling rate of profit.

The working class produces all wealth (all goods and services). A trace amount, in comparison, is still being produced by petty capitalists but at best they are an anachronism.

The working class has the capability to easily produce an abundance for everyone. With this potential, want in the midst of plenty, the ignored plague of America, is a social outrage.

A sane society built by workers means: l) all the means of production such as raw materials, production equipment and facilities belong to society as a whole, 2) workers receive the full value of the product of their labor, 3) production is conducted for everyone's needs instead of profit for the few as it is today under private ownership of the means of production, and 4) social management and operation of the means of production with a political stateless economic system based on social representation from the respective industries and services. Exploitation of wage labor becomes extinct.

The principles of real unionism, embodied in the meaning of socialism, have never been in practice at anytime anywhere in the world. The condemnation of it by claiming that socialism has failed is preposterous; it is a categorical lie.

The Socialist Labor Party of America is the original political party of labor, throughout the world, to have integrated these real union principles into a workable program for workers to build a real union society.

The truth of the matter is that the truth about social science, pertaining to the labor movement, has been under constant assault by strange bedfellows (not so strange when their opportunistic self-serving interests are considered). They are the capitalist, fascists (who are a scourge on society whenever the capitalist system goes berserk), bureaucratic despots such as the ruling class in the former Soviet Union and China and of all people, labor leaders (labor fakers). All of them, in one form or another, help perpetuate decadent capitalist rule. That is, all of them uphold the crime of exploiting wage labor, the mainstay of capitalism. Whether bureaucratic state despots or free market enterprisers, all these members of the ruling class ride the backs of the working class sitting in the saddle of the wages system.
For the reasons stated, RUSS has provisionally chosen the Socialist Labor Party of America as the only workers political party capable, by virtue of its program and principles, to contest the capitalist political state. This act is consummated when workers take the initiative, as the majority class at the ballot box and replace the capitalist political state with a real union government thus ending all politics, even the Socialist Labor Party, its purpose having ceased to exist.

Now back to the 4 concepts, already mentioned, that workers must understand in order to build real unions. These concepts uncover the secret as to how labor is exploited and why capitalism periodically lurches from one economic crisis into another. The subject matter is not difficult. Any worker acquiring this knowledge is most likely to become class conscious to the delight of their fellow class conscious workers and to the dismay of the capitalist class, their political lackeys and labor fakers.

RUSS is formed to respond to a predicament, but also an opportunity, a rare one under capitalism. The predicament is that the dire need for information necessary to further the cause of the working class is suppressed by the capitalist class and their servile apologists. The opportunity is that this information does not serve as a source of profit for the capitalist class and cannot be claimed as intellectual private property. Therefor, in the productive process of disseminating this information, RUSS can function as no other union does today, free from parasitical opportunists.


These truths herein written would be self-evident to workers if it were not for the double barreled blast that falsely discredited real unionism. The first blast was the Stalinist/Maoist claim that their despotic political states were societies of, by and for workers. Actually they were caricatures of real unionism. The second blast was the seizing upon the opportunity by western capitalists to attack, in their quarter, any vestige of emerging real unionism by branding it as communistic, "Look at what happened in the Soviet Union," they said and still do. This is even hawked by labor leaders. Is it any wonder that they have been called labor fakers. Did the lackeys of the capitalist class take a cue from the contemptible stance held by the Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, in targeting the working class when he said, "Tell the people a lie often enough and they will believe it?" Actually this deceptive method of population control predates Goebbels all the way back to the beginning of class rule.

So now the scene of the labor movement in America is the deplorable rout and decimation of unions. Any attempt to revive the labor movement with class consciousness is countered with, "naughty, naughty, that's communistic." In Russia, the scene is the spectacle of the vast majority of the people, the workers, reeling from years of brow beating disinformation, so utterly confused that they hold nary a hint of their potential to organize a real union.

When it comes to the labor movement today, history cannot be ignored. The idea of a real union stems, in the beginning, from workers in the labor movement who developed the principles of socialism. Some of them went down the wrong path, many others didn't. But enough groundwork has been prepared so that it may be said without question that associating socialism with a political state is a contradiction in terms. In other words an oxymoron. This is a vindication of what the labor movement has achieved so far.

The American working class, due to freedoms set forth by the founders of the nation, still have a glimmer of hope. Beneath the haze of falsified American history, rewritten with a bias against the labor movement, there lies a rich account of workers' attempts to build real unions. It is a testimonial to the innate capability of the working class, the vast majority, to organize by and for themselves.

RUSS' maxim is:The will of the working class, the vast majority, is supreme.

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Real Union Of Social Science