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Socialism Marx DeLeon For A Real Union

Welcome to Socialism Marx DeLeon for a Real Union presented by a Marxist/DeLeonist group that is formed and operates as a workers' union named Real Union Of Social Science (RUSS).

It was the only known real labor union in existence when it ushered in the third millennium with an official recognition of all aspects of the class struggle. At that time the following 5 articles were published on the first day of year 2000 in preperation the organization's jubilee to be held on May Day, 2001. On that day, Real Union Of Social Science fervently dedicated its determination to carry on class conscious education of the working class into the third millennium.

1) Real Union Of Social Science What Is It

2) Real Union Of Social Science, Statment of Principles

3) Socialism and Unionism

4) Political and Economic

5) Cold War Aftermath

Special announcement: Formation of a new industrial union, WIIU

A special study on fascism in American is being conducted by Real Union Of Social Science. Part one was posted on this site on July 16, 2007. Additional parts will follow later.
Fascism In America

New dated 08/03/07: American Middle Class An Illusion.
American Middle Class An Illusion

RUSS' Motto: Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth concerning the interest of the working class.

Real Union Of Social Science presents a cause and action provided for by the Constitution of the United State as stated below and is further expanded upon in the section entitled: "Socialism is American" on this page: Socialism For A Real Labor Union

Actually, the cause of Real Union Of Social Science is universal; it embraces the whole of the world working class. Any involment of the working class within the US affects the working class around the world each and every day. By that, it can be said that not only is Socialism American, it is universal insofar as the working class is concerned.


The right that is being exercised by Real Union Of Social Science is given by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

It is the right to amend the Constitution.

Many people choose to deny us that right.

If they are against the right to amend the Constitution then it is their duty to try to amend that provision out of it, not to attack us directly for exercising that right.

If these reactionaries, misguided or intentional, had their way, it would be the last time that right could be used.

By taking away our freedom they will have forfeited theirs.

The vision our forefathers had of a change for the better in the future will then be rejected.

The inheritors of their foresight will have discarded the means of progress and chosen stultification and decadence.

In their ignorance, they will have institutionalized a reactionary nation.

When they grow weary of that, they will not have the amendment clause to make a change.

Ignorance has degraded societies before. Two ignominious classics are the Soviet Union and the Third Reich.

The afterthought of the people in those countries was: How could that have happened. If they still don't know why then reaction lurks in the shadows to this day.

This is precisely the problem the Real Union Of Social Science faces now in the US. Ignorance, the seed of reaction.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States did not risk life and security in expectation of the state of affairs our country is in today.

Here are excerpts of what they gave us:

"...it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to reflect their Safety and Happiness." _Declaration of Independence

Article V

"...shall propose amendments to this Constitution..."

"...shall call a convention for proposing amendments..." _Constitution of the United States

The German and Russian workers and peasants, under the rule of the Soviet Union and the Third Reich, did not have this right but being ignorant of the class struggle it would not have mattered.

Today, in this country, we have one half of freedom. Its on the books but it is being nullified by the lack of the other half which is an understanding of the class struggle.

With education and knowledge the choice should be clear: Ether the tyranny of barbarianism or the civilization of modern democracy.

Real Union Of Social Science has chosen education and knowledge as the step to the civilization of modern democracy and from there to establish a real union embracing all workers.

E-mail russmardel@comcast.net for more information, to submit comments or to become a member. Because of our operating expense, contributions are always welcome. Thank you for your consideration.